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FC Software is a Fusion of Sales, Marketing and Technology. As a company we have over 40 years experience of advising, designing and implementing various business systems from highly complex work flows to basic telesales systems.

We are in a unique position to be able to advise on all levels of the business process. Unlike other technology companies we are Business lead so we understand the business needs of your company. We work on the business solution first and then apply our technical expertise, by doing this you the client concentrate on your requirement rather than fitting in with available technology. A true solution.

We have experience of most industries Banking and Finance, Local Government, Media and Publishing, Engineering, Manufacturing, Car Dealerships, Insurance, Telemarketing, Recruitment, Charities, Outdoor Adventure, Personal Development, Commercial Interior Design, Telecomms, Property Development, Security Systems, Call Centres, Printers, Refrigeration, Graphic Design, Solicitors, IT Companies, and many small individual companies.

Lester Fennell
With 25 years of IT solution sales experience Lester is ideally suited and perfectly capable of analysing your business and picking the correct solution for your needs. Lesters strong personal principals means he will never push a product on you that isn't a 100% fit for your business needs.

David Hinchliffe
With 15 years of IT solution development and project management behind him David has the unique ability of being the technical person who can speak and understand non technical people and their requirements. This ability means David will always select the correct solution for your business and ensure the technology is created to match your business and not the other way around


Please feel free to contact us via our contact form with any questions you may have about our products, services or our staff.

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At FC Software we recognise that to excel in business. You not only need to deliver a good product and excellent service, you need to ensure that nobody knows your customers better than you do.